Sheshadri Ramaswamy

Sheshadri Ramaswamy has been strongly connected to forests since his childhood days trailing with his uncle who was a Range Forest officer , a hardcore field person .

In his 20s he was mostly into trekking forests of South India, when he was deeply involved in rescue and rehabilitation of urban wildlife.His forte’ is species identification, seed sprouting techniques, nursery management and land restoration by conserving floral species. He has travelled far and wide through the various forests of peninsular India and has gained decades of experience working with tribal communities, forest officials and nursery veterans.

He was later inspired by Mr S.G. Neginhal ( I.F.S. Retd) who as the DCF of Bangalore between 1982-1987 who has to his credit  having raised one and a half million trees with 97% success rate. Sheshadri politely attributes his vast knowledge about trees to his close association with Mr.Neginhal who has authored several books including endemic trees of Western Ghats. Sheshadri has  been working with Mr.Neginhal, who is his mentor and constant guide from past 15 years . Under Neginhal’s guidance, Sheshadri has raised tens of thousands of indigenous tree species from seed stage to full growth.

Some of the projects Sheshadri has worked on are People for animals, Uttarahalli, Bengaluru;
TVS training centre, Anekal, Bengaluru ;MEG, Bengaluru; NSP electronics, Hoskote; Consultant, Hebbal nursery, 52000saplings, 42 species ;Avenue planting in Bengaluru ;Nilgiri biosphere nature park, Anaikatti, species diversity enhancement ; Bamboo planting, Punjanur range, Chamararajanagara division ;Seeds research ;Trees ecology research.


Sheshadri is a passionate field person and his vision is to disseminate working knowledge of flora based nature conservation to the generations to come and to raise a green army of thoroughbred and effective conservationists who’ll in time put a green dent on our only living planet. Sheshadri has to his credit turning several interested civic groups in Bengaluru to active involvement in urban tree conservation with his pain staking research findings on urban spaces around trees. He has silently inspired and trained many young people on urban trees of Bengaluru through Hasiru Usiru. His passion is to work in close association with trees and kids. His field knowledge leaves kids in awe of his nature classes and has inspired many of them.