P.C. Rajesh is a Mechanical Engineer and a Management graduate. He started his career as a mechanical engineer and then later switched to IT post doing the management education. He has been in the field of process and quality since 2001 and have been part of the quality departments at companies including i-flex, Ernst & Young and Volvo. He is currently working with Volvo India Private Limited. He has been part of many audits and assessments on frameworks including CMMI, ISO, SAS and Six Sigma. Overall, has an experience of close to 15 years in the corporate world.

At Volvo, he was elected as the Chairperson of the CSR and have contributed to initiatives related to environment and education. Have been part of many workshops related to environment and sustenance at Auroville.

Rajesh  was part of multiple earth construction workshops  and is planning to actively get into propagation of alternate earth constructions.

Rajesh has been into practicing  a martial art called Aikido for the past 10 years. In addition to planting trees, his passion is to inculcate the right principles and ethics in kids for a better society and loves to work with kids.